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These words have never rung more true than while on the Ha Giang loop in Vietnam. The sense of freedom that comes from the open roads of the province of Ha Giang, the northernmost province of Vietnam, seems to be unmatched. Still an untouched part of this southeast Asian country, Ha Giang, is still not quite on the tourist map. Therefore, it revels in its wild beauty.

Are you an experienced biker?

WITH THE MOST DANGEROUS ROADS IN VIETNAM, there is plenty to challenge your skills, the loop is not an easy ride but when you finish you will feel the accomplishment and can be proud to have conquiered “The Ha Giang Loop”

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WITH A PROFESIONAL DRIVER YOU CAN RELAX AND ENJOY the stunning views without having to worry about driving.

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Our tours run everyday and all come with professional local guides, who will ensure you seen the best the loop has to offer.

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